Monday, February 16, 2009

Speaking The Same Language

Saturday night, we took the children to Gattitown for Valentines. Gracie and Will love going there and playing all of the games, usually after we've had to threaten them to "eat all of your supper, or no games!" I sat in a large booth that could seat all 5 of us and waited with Lilly Faith at the table while my husband got the kids' plates fixed. While sitting there, something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a group of 10 people doing sign language back and forth. They recognized me and one asked in a high pitched voice "Are you Barbie Bassett?" "Yes", I signed back. I made the sign language for "How are you?" They all gasped in amazement and started clapping. One girl sitting at the table signed back, "I didn't know you knew how to sign!" I signed back that I knew alittle sign language. My 91 year old grandmother is deaf but she lip reads. Over the years, I've learned sign language on my own so I can communicate with the deaf. "Finally!" one signed back. "Someone who knows what we're saying!" I sat there with them for several minutes going back and forth as I waited for my husband to come back with the kids. He walked in and saw the commotion. "I see you've made some friends," he said smiling.

It was neat to see the look of relief when they realized I knew what they were saying and we could "talk" the same language. Sure, they had plenty of people who came with them and understood, but having a new person to sign with was much more fun for them.

Proverbs 27:9 says, "Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel."

It is important that we keep close Christian friends who can help us be accountable to the Word and what God is doing in our life. These friends often can give great spiritual wisdom and won't just say they will pray for us, but they really will. You can bank on their promise. True friends understand our language, encourage us in our spiritual journey and help us to endure the tough roads.


Regina and David said...

Great post Barbie! Thanks for sharing. I can relate as I live in a culture with a people who do not speak my heart language. Trying to understand them and to learn their language is a daily challenge, but it's all worth it when you see the smile on their face bacause you said something to them that they understood, and vice versa. It's great to know that God's love transcends all language barriers- both oral and non-oral.

Editor said...

Hi Barbie,
I am trying to get a blogmeet up for June and would love for you to be part of it or at least visit while it is going on.
I also would like to figure a way to create a badge for the Mississippi bloggers if we can find someone to put it together.
Come visit my site!

Angie Tharp said...

I'm glad u saw them! I might like to meet you again bec you know some sign language, if u want to learn more, then I'll might like to teach you more.! :) Your rocks!