Monday, September 21, 2009

Revelation Knowledge

When we truly understand our identification with Christ in his death and resurrection, then we "get" the heart of the Gospel. Many churches aren't focusing on this because they are trying so hard to deal with everbody's personal problems. Our churches today are busy trying to keep people from having nervous breakdowns, teaching people how to love their husband or wife, how to manage their finances, how to discipline their kids and how to get their needs met. If you preach on your identity with Christ in some churches, they will look at you like a dog looks at a new bowl! They say, "You don't understand! I'm trying to make ends meet, I've got pain in my hip, I'm dealing with emotional problems, a broken relationship and you are talking about identification with Christ? That's not what I need!" Oh, but an understanding of our identity with Christ is EXACTLY what we need.

Christ living in us is based on our revelation knowledge of the Word and our mixing faith with it. It is based upon our willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit because the Spirit reveals Christ to us. The greater our Word intake, the more Christ will be manifested through you and me.

In February of this year, I shared how I had been challenged to pray Ephesians 1:18-23 for six months for myself, every day. I finished that challenge in July and I can tell you, I gained revelation knowledge. As humans, we are taught to go with our sensory knowledge in using our five senses. Revelation knowledge comes when the eyes of your spirit are opened up; when God's truths are revealed through your spirit. You see something that no one else in the natural realm sees. You see God has done something that is not natural.

Identifying oneself with Christ makes no sense for those relying on the senses. But for those who are searching for revelation knowledge, identifying with Christ is all they'll ever need. Revelation knowledge opens up the Word to you and me!

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Smylyn' on the Go! said...

If we live long enough, and a engaged by the Institution that is "the church" (lower case) we will most often find disappointment, and stale platitudes. However, when we are engaged by the PEOPLE who are "The Church" it is always refreshing. Just be prepared to find "The Church" in the places you would least expect to find them.
God can't be put in a box, and to confine his ability to meet us at our point of need to a place, or a building is a limitation that mankind imposes upon Him. It is not, however, the only means of defining his ability to meet us at our point of need. And I thank God for that, because, if it were not so, I wouldn't care to comment here today.

Thanks for all you do, Barbie.

Stephen Smyly
Madison, AL