Monday, July 8, 2013

Doing Things That Matter

A question I'm bombarded with lately is: "Where are you? Are you still on tv?"

For some time I've felt called away, if you will, to concentrate on things much bigger than myself. I've spent valuable time with my children and have been more inclined to hone my heart at being a better wife and help mate to my husband. While away from my television career that I've enjoyed for some 18 years, I've also spent more time fasting and writing on my next book. There's been lots of fun along the way over the last 2 months, but some of the most rewarding moments have included visiting with strangers-turned-friends battling cancer, teaching my children the importance of giving, and living my faith in a more intense fashion.

My children enjoy making things for the homeless at the local Stewpot Community Services.  They mold and make things with their hands under the direction of their babysitter. Each holiday, they like to make something unique for the homeless and for the 4th of July, they gave over 150 sunglasses with red, white and blue lanyards attached to each pair. My son Will said, "They thanked ME!" and that was all he needed to feel like he had given his best.
Kids with their sunglasses individually wrapped to give to the homeless.

While in Bora Bora, I had the opportunity to talk and visit with one of the locals. While their culture is quite interesting, they all have the same hopes and dreams for the future. In fact, they are a very loving people.
Talking with one of the Bora Bora locals as he explains what his tattoos mean.

My most recent stop included visiting with Kim Stribling. Kim is fighting breast cancer and her friend, Shirley Walker, emailed me a few months ago to ask if I would come for a surprise visit because Kim was a big fan of mine. It was one of the most inspiring visits I had made recently and I've been following her progress ever since. This last visit, I anointed Kim and her hospital room and even gave her a black pearl from my trip to Bora Bora. Kim lights up the room and lights up my heart. The "spiritual advancement" she's gone through recently has made her a beacon of light for so many in Vicksburg.
Visiting with Kim in her hospital room waiting on round #6 of chemo.
All of these events remind me why I've taken a break from my television career. For so long, I've reached my goals only to have them superseded by the next goal conjured in my mind.  But now I've stopped setting "getting goals" and started setting "giving goals".  My motivation for making more is giving more time, more resources, more encouragement. After all, you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.

I'm reminded of my visit with Robert as I talk about in this video.

So, yes, I'm still here. I'm still at WLBT. But right now, I'm doing things that matter.


Becky said...

God bless you and your precious family!! Keep walking the walk and inspiring others like me! :)

Jill Carpenter said...

things that matter. yes, that's my goal as well. thank you for this.

JK Creates said...

I so admire you!! Thanks for being you. God bless you and your family.

-Kristy Laird

Carrie said...

Thank you. Thanks for following the Lord's lead...and for leading us by such dedication & service to the Highest Calling.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me Barbie. Been missing you but glad your following your heart.God speed on your new journey :)

Anonymous said...

The world needs more people like you! God bless you!