Friday, October 17, 2008

This & That

You would think that the comments about my leftover baby weight would begin to taper off now that I've lost 30 pounds. After I had made a speech to a group last week, a lady ran up to me all excited. "I am SO glad to see you in person and see that you are NOT pregnant!" she said. I smiled and explained that tv adds 10 pounds on all of us. "Well, my husband wanted me to make sure you weren't pregnant again. Ten pounds? Its more like 20 pounds on you!" Then she walked away.

Here is an email I received this week:

"Barbie, Wow! You look awesome! I think you need to go on a maintenance plan because you really look like you've lost enough weight." Signed, Gayle

Then, I received this email from a viewer:
"Hi Barbie. I heard you were running for Mayor of Madison." Signed, Bob R.

I've gone from being too big after having a baby, to having lost too much weight, to possibly running for mayor.

On another note, I'm grateful to my friend and editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey. As we are gearing up for our Halloween Blood Drive at Mississippi Blood Services on October 30, Marshall has once again worked his magic on this year's Halloween t-shirt. If you donate blood on Oct 30, you'll walk away with Marshall's new t-shirt design in color. I got to see the shirt yesterday printed in white, orange, green and black. It is a "must have" to add to your Marshall Ramsey t-shirt collection.

We just recorded the commercial for the blood drive Thursday. I'll share that with you one day next week.


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

will people EVER learn that the only people who really care about their critical comments are themselves?

you look great - in person and on t.v. and what is best about you is that you are more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside!

Wilson said...

You always look beautiful. Love the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Critical comments come from insecure people. Don't doubt yourself Barbie. Christ made us all in His wonderful image and when you hear negative comments....just hum Grace Grace Gods Grace to yourself...His grace covers us all doesn't it?
p.s. maybe try updating your picture so that they have nothing to compare you too but the you that you are right now ....???just a thought

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mean "20 pounds" comment. You look great, and you are great.

Marylou said...

Barbie, you are a beautiful woman... not just on the outside... but where it counts... on the inside.

My momma always taught me that "pretty is as pretty does"... and that definitely means you are pretty. (smile) The love of God glows out through your eyes and shines on your face.

You are in the "winter" category as I am and look best in the basic crayon colors like royal blue, purple, red, grass green, white, and black. When you wear these colors on the air, they accent the beauty that is already there.

The public tends to think that TV personalities are their personal property and as such can be talked to in any manner they choose. What are they thinking?

You are looking GREAT!

It's our heart that God is concerned with... and your heart is a rare work of art in His eyes.

Thank you for freely sharing yourself with so many people. I know God has many blessings laid up for you in Heaven.

black betty said...

i don't know how you do it. you are such a strong person. people are so cruel. obviously, they are insecure about themselves and cast it onto you so they feel better.

hang in there. keep your chin up. doesn't matter what they think anyway. they're retards!

love the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

You're always a challenge to draw because I'm used to drawing goofy lookin' politicians.

Hope the shirt draws a lot of blood (and blood donors) this year. It's always fun to work together on this great cause!