Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting Ready for the Change

I've received so many emails over the last day or so from my last blog entry, "When God Brings a Change", so I thought I'd go a step further with it. No, I'm not leaving WLBT or at least not right now, although there may be some WLBT fans who wish I would leave (I'm smiling). But I'm just like you..God brings change into my life almost on a daily basis. Some changes are bigger than others and I'm open to whatever that may be, even in my career.

In reading some of the personal emails the blog readers have sent me this week, many are struggling with hearing from God and being frustrated He isn't answering fast enough. I've been there before, too, so I thought I'd share one way God got me through that difficult time 10 years ago.

I remembered hearing a story about a mother living through the depression years in the 30s & 40s. She said her cupboard was bare and she didn't have much food to feed her family because times were so tough and they had run out of food. She prayed and prayed for God to intervene and she felt the Holy Spirit tell her to "set the table anyway". She didn't think much about it and days went on without any food except the flour and sugar they had left in the cupboard. Once again, she felt God tell her "set the table anyway". She finally realized God was wanting her to exercise her faith in setting the dinner table, even though the food was scarce, in preparation for what God was going to do. That way, her table would be ready when the food came. Within a few days, her husband got a job and they were able to pay for food again and feed the family.

During the year I wasn't working in television because WAPT was suing me and we were tied up in court, I found other jobs to do. I did some public relations for the Madison County Chamber, babysat children and other odd jobs, but I still felt God's calling to be back in broadcasting as a meteorologist. When I heard that lady's story, I knew God was telling me to get my clothes and suits ready and get them dry cleaned for when I WAS to return to television. I even went so far as to pick out my outfits for each day of the week that I was going to wear once I was hired again and accessorized them with my jewelry in the jewelry box and each pair of shoes I would wear with each outfit. A few months later, WAPT dropped their lawsuit against me because of the negative publicity and WLBT hired me immediately.

All of this I share to say, get ready. God wants you to be ready for the next job, for the next move, for the next family challenge. You know what you need to do. Do it and be thankful to God "up front" for what He's about to bring your way!


Brent said...

The folks that wish you would leave WLBT have every right to be wrong!

Sara said...

What a great story about faith and reminder for us all! And, I am so glad that you are not leaving WLBT any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how people just assume things when you write something, say something or "blog" something.  I personally hope you are around in the Jackson viewing area for a LONG time.Wanda in Brandon