Monday, June 22, 2009

5 Bold Prayers

I'm learning to pray 5 bold prayers. Then again, maybe I should call them 5 "dangerous" prayers. But I believe these prayers will put me in the presence of God:

1) Search me: I have a tendency to be judgemental at times. I really try not to be, but when I see people around me make decisions that I deem as crazy, foolish or nonspiritual, the judge in me comes out. Why can't they see right where this will lead them? I'll think to myself. David felt like this in Psalm 139 but he immediately asked God to examine his own heart. In that same way, I cannot forget to ask God to point out the rebelliousness in my own spirit.

2) Break me: Regardless of how spiritually mature I think I am, there will always be areas in my life in which God needs to work. Maybe its my need to be everything to everybody, my belief that if something is going to get done, I have to do it myself, or maybe its my strong will. But I cannot grow as a Christian until I learn to ask for brokenness.

3) Stretch me: Do you know someone who has a humbling love for others, who has inspiring perseverance, or who has spiritual strength like none you've ever seen before? Chances are, that person has probably asked God to stretch them through life's challenges. This is the kind of prayer you pray when you want to grow.

4) Lead me: Asking God to take my life and do whatever He wants to do with it is risky, to say the least. I'm comfortable with my family, my house, my job and its scary to let God take control, but that's what faith is all about. I've got to believe His plans for me are better than my own.

5) Use me: This is the adventurous prayer because you never know where it will lead. It's exciting to make ourselves available to God so that He can touch someone else through us.

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