Friday, October 2, 2009

The Reason God Made Us

Gracie asked me last week, "Why did God make us needing to be saved?" Good question. Gracie's question was rather deep for a six-year-old and my career speciality isn't theology. So I thought about that one before I answered it.

Over the summer, I read a book entitled "Same Kind of Different As Me". Last weekend, I read the sequel to that book called "What Difference Do It Make?" (That isn't a typo--it's the actual title and once you read the books, you'll understand). Both of these opened my eyes to a world I've never known. Between those books and the portions I took away from "The Shack", I was able to come up with an answer for Gracie.

I think God saved us so heaven could get on the inside of us and change the world around us. God saved us so we could bring change to our children, our neighborhood, and our towns. God saved us so He could move on the inside of you and me. He saved us so we wouldn't be a victim of sin, bad habits and deception. God saved us for Christ to be formed in you and me. He set us free from sin's dominion so when we die, we won't wonder why we lived.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken! the youngest and the oldest of us understands you answer to your precious daughter's question!

Angie said...

What a wonderful answer! I really enjoy reading your blog! are coming to our church in Nov. in Florence and I can't wait!