Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Storms

No, this kind of weather doesn't remind you of Christmas; it reminds you of spring, right? If you've been watching me over the last few days, you know what we have in store for today.

These storms have a history of producing tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana since this morning. Hail, damaging winds, downpours and tornadoes will be likely during today's event. Here is the NWS depiction of our state today. Locate your county and read the corresponding weather:If you're doing last minutes shopping or even traveling today, be careful and take it slow. It could be difficult at times to keep your vehicle between the lines with these gusty winds. I'll be on WLBT this afternoon with the latest. Also, please have your NOAA Weather Radio on in case your should lose electricity.

The good news is, this cold front will be to our east by 9pm this evening. Most Christman Eve church services will go on without a hitch, although it could still be a bit windy. Skies will be clearing just in time for Santa Claus to come tonight.

Speaking of, I'll be interviewing Santa tonight on WLBT's 6pm & 10pm news. I'll be sure to ask him when he's planning on being in central Mississippi for you!

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Melinda said...

Merry Christmas!!!