Friday, December 18, 2009

The Little Miracle

Last month, I finished reading Bruce Wilkinson's book You Were Born For This. The book gives several ways to partner with God in delivering miracles for other people. It gives prompts and ways to listen to the Holy Spirit in detecting the needs of other people, and encourages the reader to give God the credit.

Wilkinson talks of a "God Pocket"--a special place where you keep money God has blessed you with so that you may bless others. The money in the God Pocket is not yours; it's God's, and is used only for Him.

Monday after having lunch at Gattitown with the kids for Will's birthday, I took the kids to the dentist for a check up. It is one doctor's visit they enjoy because they always walk out with some small prize for being still for the dental hygienist.

We walked out to the car to leave when we were stopped by a lady, who was sitting in car, trying to get my attention. She rolled down the window. "You know who you look like?" she asked. "Barbie Bassett on channel 3!" I smiled back at her. "You ARE her, aren't you?" I told her I was and Gracie confirmed it. "Yep, she's our mother," Gracie told her. The lady stayed in her car and we made small talk through her passenger window. That's when Will realized he better speak up if he wanted to get into the conversation. "Today's my birf-day!" Will said with excitement. "It is, baby?" she said. "How old are you?" Will held up his 4 fingers to show her. "Four years old?!" she said, acting surprised. "Hold on one second. I think you deserve a birthday present."

Just then, she opened her purse. I saw her dig around and find her wallet. She opened it up and pulled out one dollar. It was a lone dollar. I could tell she had no other cash with it. The inside of her car had the upholstery ripped and cracked and she was driving a car that looked about 10 years old. I saw what looked to be bills on her dashboard.

"Here, baby. You have this dollar for your birthday!" and she gave it to Will. His face beamed and he thanked her. I ushered the kids into their car seats and I pulled a large denomination out of my God Pocket.

I turned around and said to her, "Ma'am, you gave my son a dollar and I have something to give you." She looked puzzled. "Someone gave me some money and told me to give this to you," as I handed the bill to her. She reached out to take the money, looked at it, and started squealing. She jumped out of her car, still doing a screaming jig, and ran over to hug me. "How did you know? How did you know I needed this?" she cried. "God knew and He's the one who told me to give this to you."

Proverbs 19:17 says, "Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord. And God will pay back what he has given."

I'm learning through this process that when it comes to prayers for a financial miracle, Heaven depends on people for answers. God intends for us to use our money to display His goodness and faithfulness.

This time of year, it's easy to give to those who are in need. But imagine how God could use us if we did this 12 months out of the year? God is always at work behind the scenes, orchestrating the place and timing for a miracle connection, even if it's at the dentist's office. And He arranges the event so that when the delivery happens, the recipient knows in her heart that God intervened specifically for her!


Malinda said...

I have tears in my eyes. I will definitely try to remember that.

Barbara said...

I had the opportunity to do something similar recently in Walmart. I was blessed far more than the young couple that received the money. I thank God that He's given us the chance to help others.