Monday, March 14, 2011

Are You Strange to Others?

Have you ever felt singled out for no apparent reason? If you're a reader of my blog, you know the criticism I face on a daily basis. The negativity multiplied last year when my book was released.

The things viewers have complained about the most, I changed. For instance, they complained about my pregnancies, I'm no longer pregnant. They complained about my weight, I've lost 60 pounds. They complained about my clothes, I bought new ones. They even complained about my long hair, I've donated it 3 times. Just last week, a lady called to inform me that the hair on the right side of my head was longer than the left side!

I once looked up the meaning of my name. Barbie is derived from Barbara which means in the Greek "stranger, an alien in the land". How fitting that someone once told me people are not criticizing you; they're criticizing the Jesus in you because you're different.

2 Timothy 3:12 says, "Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." Another way to put it: the anointing will not keep the criticism from coming, but the anointing will make you not care about the criticism.

If you find yourself being criticized by mean-spirited people, press on. You're a stranger in the land you are just passing through!

Here is a video I did with the Beacon staff on this subject. If your computer won't let you watch it, you can click here to see it:

Responding in the Spirit from Mississippi College on Vimeo.


Ann Onimous said...

Thanks for letting God use you in this way: God knew I needed to hear this right now.

Oh, and on the same blog, you are ranked #4 as the Hottest Reporter in Jackson. :D

Lyndra said...

You are truly beautiful. And not just in that on-camera way, but On the inside and it shows on the outside. (personally, I love your hair at any length - others are just jealous - lol.) I'm a homeschooling mother of 6 and I've heard my share of comments. I'm also a preacher's wife and I've had my share of criticism of me, my children, my husband, and so on. You are amazing. As my husband shared yesterday, darkness doesn't like light...and the righteous will be persecuted...and we are blessed!

Ann Onimous said...

Us homeschooling moms have to stick together, Lyndra!

Jana said...

There are aome people that think of me as strange I had 2 bosses at Apac, Winnie Ellis and Jerry Douell who hated me laughing all the time, after my brain surgery they finally succeeded and pushed me out after 7 years, without any medical coverage until my sister got my disabiity started with Medicaid, they recented my smiling so much, they took away my life, the whole time never understanding, it was a nervous, not accepted laugh, which by them I never fit in.Don't quit smiling Barbie, do it for all of the strange people. Thank You Sincerely Jana

Tammy Mc said...

barbie, you certainly know how i feel about this subject and what i have gone through in hazlehurst with 4 vile cruel mean and critical women who strive daily 2 make my life agony. Thanks 2 you and the words of wisdom that you have as a friend given me and the biblical ways 2 handle it and how God can use someone like me 2 help others and accept the fact that all of this will be taken care of in God's timing. We live in a mean cruel world and i am trying 2 prepare my boys for this and 2 go 2 the lord in prayer when the world and others kick you down. I love you and i thank you for your wisdom and your prayers and your ministry 2 others. Thank you and you keep on being YOU! Tammy Mc.