Monday, April 25, 2011

More Severe Weather

Get ready for a rocky start to the work week!

A strong cold front is slowly making progress at moving closer to the state. Although the front is stalled west of the Mississippi River, the power behind the front is over west Texas and New Mexico. Therefore, severe weather is possible tonight through Wednesday afternoon.

Severe weather is possible overnight tonight as the cold front moves closer to the delta counties. Find your county on this map and see what is expected:

The cold front moves a bit closer to the state Tuesday afternoon and the threat for severe weather will increase Tuesday night into Wednesday. Here is the NWS graphical depiction of the time frame and what's expected.

Notice both of these rounds come into the overnight hours--the worst times. By Wednesday, the cold front will finally get the "kick" it needs to move east. Strong storms will be coming to a close.

It is uncertain whether or not the cold front will produce squall lines or supercells similar to what we experienced just over a week ago. Some portions of the state may not even see a drop of rain, while others could witness tornadoes, damaging winds, hail and downpours. This system will be evolving and changing as it moves east, so I can't specifically pinpoint the exact time frame for it's arrival in your county nor can I tell you which counties will experience the worst.

However, I can urge you to have a weather radio with S.A.M.E. technology which is county specific and suggest you stay on top of the weather changes by keeping it tuned to WLBT, to our Facebook pages and follow me on Twitter @BarbieBassett. Severe weather season in Mississippi shouldn't be taken lightly!

(Barbie will be speaking Wednesday at the Mississippi Farm Bureau Administrative Professionals luncheon. She will be in Memphis Saturday speaking at the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries convention.)

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