Monday, July 18, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

I want to say a sincere 'thank you' to all of you who posted comments on this blog, posted on my Facebook page and sent emails regarding last Friday's blog. I won't share some of the negative comments sent to me in regards to last Friday's blog, but know that Satan is hard at work. However, I appreciate each and every one of you basically letting me know "you are not alone"!

I traveled to my parents over the weekend for a short visit. It is always good to get away and I look forward to disappearing for a while in the coming days.

While visting my home church, we sang a song I've sung for years growing up in Crowder Baptist. This time, the words made more sense to me than they ever have before:

Jesus is all the world to me;
My life, my joy, my all
He is my strength from day to day
Without Him I would fall.
When I am sad, to Him I go.
No other one could cheer me so.
When I am sad, He makes me glad.
He's my friend.

Jesus is all the world to me,
My Friend in trials sore.
I go to Him for blessings and
He gives them o'er and o'er.
He sends the sunshine and the rain,
He sends the harvest golden grain.
Sunshine and rain, harvest of grain,
He's my Friend.

Jesus is all the world to me,
I want no better Friend.
I trust Him now, I'll trust Him when
Life's fleeting days shall end.
Beautiful life with such a Friend,
Beautiful life that has no end.
Eternal life, eternal joy
He's my Friend.

(Barbie will be hosting a summer blood drive at Mississippi Blood Services this Thursday, July 21 called M*A*S*H in honor of our troops. Lunch will be provided free of charge from 11am-1pm by Applebees. Please come out and donate blood in honor of our military!)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that song in years. The new praise songs are great but sometimes you just have to have a little old school. Ha. thanks for reminding of that song. Hope you have a great week!