Friday, July 1, 2011

Shake Off The Dust

Our oldest, Gracie, turns 8 years old today. Someone asked me yesterday if I ever spank Gracie? Very rarely....she's a very obedient child, has a tender heart and seems to think through the consequences before she acts. This person was shocked that "I" spank and told me how horrible corporal punishment is and the damage I've done.

Not everyone will agree with your beliefs, convictions or calling. Nevertheless, you must move on just as Paul and Barnabas did.

Persecution followed these men everywhere they went. There was nothing they could've done to make their opponents believe their message of hope in Jesus Christ. But that didn't stop them from pressing on. Acts 13:51 says, "So they shook the dust from their feet in protest again them and went to Iconium." That means they didn't let their enemies stop them from preaching, but they made the choice to move on and not linger in a place filled with hatred. Did they leave bitterly or with disdain in their hearts? The answer is no. Acts 13:52 says they were "...filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit." They didn't let their opponents break their spirit. They saw moving forward as an opportunity to experience new blessings, not failure.

Maybe there is a situation you need to leave behind you or perhaps it is an unfruitful relationship. Don't look back with hurt feelings and unforgiveness. See this as your chance to enter into a fresh season with a new opportunity ahead. But you won't know until you shake the dust off!

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