Monday, December 5, 2011

He Wants More

My daughter Gracie shared with us after lunch Sunday some of her class lesson on the Israelites. In listening to what she learned, I realized the Israelites suffered from the same problem many Christians do today. They enjoyed the good preaching and teaching but weren't willing to move from there. Too many of us like to sit on our padded pews in a climate-controlled building where someone else will pre-digest what God has to say and then regurgitate it back to us in a half-digested form (perhaps we're afraid it may set too heavy on our stomachs?).

I've gotten to the point in my own life where I've started praying, "God, I'm tired of everybody else hearing from You! I'm going to lock myself away in a room and stay there until I get a fresh Word from You."

The early Church didn't have access to what we call the New Testament for many years. The Old Testament scriptures were expensive rolls that stayed locked up in synagogues. The only scriptures they had were verses from the law, the Psalms and the prophets that had been passed down orally from their relatives. So what did they have? They walked and talked with Him in such a rich level of intimacy.

God said in Exodus 33:14, "My presence will go with you and I will give you rest." I Chronicles 16:37 says, "Honor and majesty are in His presence; strength and joy are in His sanctuary."

God is tired of having long distance relationships with his people. He was tired of it thousands of years ago in Moses' day, and He is tired of it today. God really wants to have an intimate, close encounter with you today.

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