Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Hair Cut in Town!

Monday was the finale of our Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign and what a day it was! Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, children, men, even papaws were getting their locks shorn for people they will probably never meet on this side of heaven. The day started bright at early at 5:30am with the first hair cuts including one little girl who had never had her hair cut before. She woke up and decided she wanted to donate her hair that morning! Another lady came in to have her hair cut in honor of several family members who had battled breast cancer. In talking to her, she told us she would be entering the hospital Wednesday for a mastectomy because she now has breast cancer. Ruth knows she's probably going to lose her hair, if not her life, in this fight. But she wanted to do something for someone else before her challenge begins.

I witnessed several donors with special needs. Some were physically handicapped; others were mildly retarded. But in their own way, they knew what they were doing there...they were there to donate hair to someone else. Tears were shed by some as they remembered their loved ones and friends who had died from cancer.

When the scissors stopped last night at 7:30pm, we had just over 500 people who had donated hair. We all have new summer hair-dos and feel much lighter. But that wasn't the purpose for the day. We all knew the human hair wigs that will be made over the next few months will bring back the smile which has faded for many women. And with the staggering stastistics that 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, the women we hoped to help may be one of us in the future. Even if I never wear one of those wigs, I found myself praying for the woman who will wear my hair one day.

If you missed last night's final cut, you can go to http://www.wlbt.com/ and see it all.


cindy jo said...

As a breast cancer survivor myself, a very heartfelt Thank You! Your efforts to help women who have lost their hair feel better about themselves are greatly appreciated. A cancer diagnosis is devastating enough, but having to lose your hair in the process makes it even more difficult. Again, thanks for all you do.....

Breast Cancer Survivor for 15 months!

E Ham said...

Hey Barbie! It is Erin Hammett. I couldn't get anyone to tape the show last night for me so I am so glad I got to watch it on the WLBT website. You and Gracie both look great, and I can't wait to see you all at the end of the month! Please tell Gracie I said hello.

Sara said...

Precious haircut and what a great cause!