Monday, June 30, 2008

Maternity Leave is Winding Down

My speaking engagement calendar was kicked back into gear Sunday when I had the opportunity to speak to the Meadville United Methodist Church (I had put the speaking engagements on hold during my maternity leave). It was a special Sunday for that church as they recognized their senior citizens, aka the "Jolly Elders". Each one played a part in the service and I had the distinct honor of being the church's guest speaker. I also got to meet blog readers Pat & Barbara. Their pictures are posted below. Thanks, girls!

The Meadville UMC was so warm and inviting. I couldn't have asked for a better group to spend a Sunday morning with. They were such a blessing!

Meantime, my maternity leave is winding down. This Friday I will return to WLBT. I've been flooded with emails over the last couple of weeks from viewers. Much to my surprise, they have all been "nice" emails!


Please tell us where you are. Last time we saw you was at the Pantene hair cutoff.
When will you be back? Signed, Anonymous

Barbie ,when are you coming back to WLBT weather? Our weather just ain’t the same without you. Signed, Bob Bacher in McComb

When are you coming back to work? We miss you!!! Signed, Shana McLaurin

Hi Barbie, We have missed seeing you on Channel 3 weather for a couple of weeks now. Hope you are coming back to us soon. The weather just isn't the same. Plus we want to see your new hair cut. From one of your Raymond fans, Karen L. Vaught.

Where are you? We miss seeing you and no one says anything about where you are. Signed, Anonymous

Barbie, we miss you. When are you coming back? Signed, Jack & Katherine Scott

We miss you doing the weather every night. When will you be back doing the weather?
Please hurry back to doing the weather, we miss you a lot. You met my wife at South Shady Grove Church of God when you can to speak to the ladies. Thanks, Paul and Teresa Mason

Was just wondering why you haven’t been on the weather lately? We miss you. Thanks, Jerry & Mary Lynch


Sometimes, its nice to be missed. Its been even better not getting daily emails from viewers nit-picking my hair, my makeup, my clothes, and my "belly" apart. But life goes on and so do we.

So smile at me when you tune in July 4. I'll be smiling back!


Pat said...

Wow! Thanks for saying those sweet things about Meadville United Methodist. We all absolutely loved you and hope you will come again and speak to us. You are one of those people that I categorize as: "I not only like who YOU are, but I like who I am when I'm around you." God is using you in very effective ways.
And you can refer any negative emails and remarks to us in Meadville...we'll set them straight! :)

JNJLICK said...

Just last week I talked to at least seven people wanting to know "Where is Barbie?"
Hopefull you will appease all the loyal viewers with Friday's return.
I know I missed you. TONS.

Deanna said...

Well, as great as it will be see you back on the air, I am glad you have had the time with your babies. (Love your new hair cut! Looks great!)

Barbara said...

OMG!! Never did I expect to show up on your blog!! Sunday was truly a blessing to all of us. You're "real" and I love that. Pat is right--just let us know who and what and we'll take care of it!! Come back soon and bring the children--we've got a zoo out here waiting for them to see.

Jennifer said...

Hate I missed you @ MUM. Pretty special people, huh? I'm especially glad you met "Nana." Thank you for praying for her as well as asking your blog readers to lift her up. Please keep it up. It's working!

The Jasper Family said...

My dad knows how much I love your blog and called me tonight just to ask if I knew when you would be back on the weather. A couple of weeks ago when I spent the night at my parents' house, I had told them about an awful email some terrible lady from our hometown (Crystal Springs) had sent you referring to your pregnancy weight. My dad wanted to know who it was. He was so upset. I think he wanted to call and set that poor woman straight. Know that there are many who are looking forward to seeing you back on the air really soon!! Enjoy your last few days of "relaxation". (Ha! I have a two year old so I know there aren't many relaxing days with 3 little ones - but aren't they a blessing!!

Sara said...

Yippee! So glad you will be back soon and you look great! Those miles on that treadmill are certainly paying off.

glenn said...

Glad to have you back on WLBT, Barbie...You met a relative of mine at Meadville last Sunday, Madeline Carter. We had a family cookout today for the 4th, and she shared how much she enjoyed your being with the Jolly Elders. Hope you and your family had a happy Independence Day.