Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going Back to Work?

I've received numerous emails lately from viewers, all asking the same question:
Have you retired from WLBT? Have not seen you since you got your hair cut. You have fans in Natchez and we wonder what has taken place? I enjoy reading your devotion thoughts.
May this week be a good one. Signed, BJ Smith

How is the family and when are you coming back? Sure miss you and have sent many prayers. Signed, Sherry R.

Hey Barbie! We have been missing you on the weather in the afternoons here lately. Hope all is going well for you and your family. Hope you can get back to the station before too much longer. The weather just isn't the same without you!! Signed, Jennifer R.

Barbie, we miss your smiling face!! When will you be back on? Signed, C Clark

Barbie, Are you still on WLBT? I have not seen you since the Pantene hair cutting day. I hope you are coming back. You all do not realize but we get very attached to you and look forward to seeing you each day in your familiar place. You are such a wonderful person and I love watching you. I was just concerned about you and your children and do hope all is well and you will be coming back. God bless you and your precious family. You bring sunshine to my day. Signed, Connie M.
This week is my eleventh week of maternity leave. To answer the question, yes, I still work for WLBT but I'm still on maternity leave. I worked a few half days in May and also worked last Monday for the Pantene hair cutting event. Both of these caused me to come off maternity leave. Even though I worked a few days, I had to go back on maternity leave in order to keep my FML (Family Medical Leave) in place. I will officially return to WLBT on the 4th of July.

I have never worked so hard in my whole life. Having two children was an adjustment. Three children under the age of 5 is just downright crazy (in a good way)! I am constantly doing, going, washing, cleaning, sweeping, feeding, dusting, cooking, and the list goes on. One person asked me if I was getting any "rest" while I've been on maternity leave. Rest? I'm lucky if I get a shower most days.

I had to make a Walmart run the other day and managed to get everyone loaded in their car seats. I cranked the car and realized I had left my purse inside and had forgotten to put on deoterant. I turned off the car, ran inside the house and took care of both of the issues. I could just imagine this senario in Walmart: we get to the check out line with a full shopping cart and people waiting behind me. One lady turns to the other and says, "Not only did Barbie Bassett NOT have her wallet, but she stunk to high heaven!"

With all of that said, I wouldn't trade my job as a mother for anything in the world.


Deanna said...

I don't know how you do it with everyone "watching" you. Being a Mom is the toughest job on earth and some days I am lucky to get a shower much less make it to Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I know just how you feel. A stay-at-home mom has the hardest job, but it is the best job. I wouldn't take anything for the time I spent at home with my kids. My baby boy is now 22 years old and my twin girls are 14. And I must add...I think they've turned out pretty good. Glad to hear you're coming back to WLBT. The whole team seems like family.

Sara said...

That's hilarious! We all have those days, don't we?? So glad you'll be back on the air soon.