Friday, October 31, 2008

Blood Drive Update

Yesterday's blood drive was a big success! Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to come donate the gift of life. It was neat to meet those of you who read this blog and put a face with the name! There were 266 people who donated Thursday and it was a busy day indeed.

As always, I must thank Clarion Ledgeer editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey for sharing his artistic talent with all of us for this cause. The t-shirt was such a hit and donors made sure they didn't leave without getting his autograph! Marshall wasn't paid a dime for doing this, but he has a big heart and is all about sharing and giving back, which he does quite well.

Mississippi Blood Services added a new twist yesterday to the blood drive-- a new 2009 Nissan Altima from Deuce McAllister Nissan in Jackson. Donors were able to register for the car and someone will walk away with this car just for giving 1 pint of blood. Now, that's not scary at all! Marshall and I are shown here with the prize.

I hope you have a wonderful, sunny weekend. It will be a big week for our country next week. Pray for America...


Marshall Ramsey said...

Thanks for allowing me to tag along, Barbie. And for all of you who are curious, Barbie is even nicer in person than she is on TV.

And thanks to all who came out to give blood. You're the real celebrities!

Jennifer said...

My husband gives platelets almost every week. He last gave platelets on Wednesday and just missed out on the new car drawing. Shoot!

I had a baby in August via c-section and something went wrong... I couldn't stop bleeding. They had to do 2 emergency sugeries, the last one was an emergency hysterectomy. I'm only 27 years old. I lost a lot of blood that day; they had to pump 2 IVs into me with donor blood. It's what saved my life. So to all blood donors out there, THANK YOU! I wouldn't be here today without people like you.