Thursday, October 23, 2008


It has been a long week! Each night between newscasts, I've spent emceeing the Brandon High School Beauty & Beau pageant. The school is so big that each night of the week is a different class of competition. Monday night was all freshman, Tuesday night was sophomores and so on. I always enjoy being with the teenagers and their families, but I have missed being with my own family.

You have probably noticed a few changes to the blog this week. One blog reader last week posted that perhaps I should change my picture, so I obliged. And I wanted to share Lilly Faith's six month photo with you. You'll see it on the right hand side.

The commercial to promote our annual blood drive with Mississippi Blood Services will start running this weekend. I promised a sneak peek, so here it is.

This was shot at the Mississippi Agricultural & Forestry Museum's pumpkin patch. When I was asked to sit among the pumpkins on the ground, I didn't mind. But while we were filming, I began to feel something biting and stinging me. Little did I know, I had sat in a fire ant bed! The reason I didn't see the ant bed was because the pumpkin leaves are so wide and the leaves were covering up the bed. If you've never had "ants in your pants", it is a humbling experience and one I don't care to repeat anytime in the near future!

These t-shirts are the most colorful yet and they won't let you have one unless you donate blood. By the way, Marshall Ramsey will be joining me throughout the day at the blood drive on October 30. I bet he'll be willing to sign your t-shirt if you come and donate in the early morning or during lunchtime.


Sara said...

You look great in the commercial. Ouch to the ants!! Lilly Faith is precious. Love those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Barbie!Wish I could get a shirt but our school blood drive was this past Monday. I'm enjoying my live, love, give shirt though. Have a wonderful weekend!

samantha said...

LILLY FAITH IS BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fantastic picture!

odomfamilyfun said...

Hate I missed you at BB this year. I came on soph night but was in and out---the boys were too funny!!! You did a great job as usual :) That has to be an Allison Murihead it? It is beautiful.
Hope all is well.