Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stormy Weather

More rain is headed this way along with a cold front sweeping across the area tonight. Some thunderstorms could form later in the day as we heat up. If this happens, these storms could be strong to severe. Once the atmosphere loses the daytime heating late in the day, the front will be sliding east. Much cooler temperatures will welcome us Thursday morning. Here is the National Weather Service's graphical depiction of today. Note where your county is and the type of weather possible for today.

Thunderstorms today, snow later this week? It is possible. We'll have a blast of cold air to arrive Friday night and Saturday with another cold front. Should the freezing temperatures come in at the same time as the moisture, we could see some snow flakes. As always, many things could change and I'll keep you updated on here and WLBT should that be the case. So stay tuned!

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