Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring To Winter = Severe Weather

We are about to go from spring-like temperatures outside to it feeling like winter, all in 24 hours time, so get ready! Anytime the temperatures make such a large swing, you know the possibility for severe weather exists.

A strong cold front with a series of disturbances will enter the state today and linger through Saturday. Tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain will be possible, so please have your weather radio on. I have attached the NWS's graphic depiction of what is the expected and the time frames we're all looking at. Find your county and note what is possible.
The worst of the weather should be gone towards dawn Saturday morning, however much colder air will move in behind the front. There will be enough wrap around moisture filtering in behind the front that some snowflakes could fall for portions of the state. I've attached the graphic showing where a few of you may see a late February treat!
So hang in there with could be a rough day ahead. I'll be at work through the duration and break in on WLBT as needed. I'll also be on Twitter & Facebook intermittently. Have a great weekend and if you experience some snow, let me know about it!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

What kind of rock have I been living under that I did not know you had such a wonderful site out there in cyberland? This is simply outstanding! Thank you for all you do.

In His service,


BS HONEY said...

Hi there.
Yep, we had snow in B'haven. The beautiful flakes were sticking late Saturday night; but were gone early Sunday morning.

Thank your for the many ways you touch all of our lives.

Blessings & Hugs,