Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines Blood Drive

This Thursday, February 12, is our annual Valentines blood drive. Since Valentines is this Saturday, we moved the donation drive to Thursday and are hoping and praying for a large crowd. Once again, Marshall Ramsey has penned an original t-shirt design for all donors. This shirt is more unique in that Marshall actually drew himself in the t-shirt, which never happens! A flurry of businesses are also lending their support including Carter Jewelers who have given us a beautiful chocolate pearl necklace (I've never seen chocolate pearls until I put them around my neck last week. They are fabulous!); Earthly Delights Spa is giving $25 gift certificates to the first 20 "first time" donors and 10 more gift certificates to use for other donors; Backyard Burgers will have free food for every donor; and various merchants at The Renaissance mall will be donating other gifts and prizes---too many to name. Marshall and I will be at Mississippi Blood Services throughout the day on Thursday and hope you will consider swinging by and donating with us.

On Friday, Mix 98.7's EJ will be at The Renaissance with the Mississippi Blood Service's donation bus so you can donate there in case you can't come on Thursday.

Last week, a friend of mine had a daughter to lose a baby through a miscarriage. The hospital in Alabama where she was being treated was scrambling trying to find the right blood type for her, as she had lost so much blood during the miscarriage process. This is a prime example of how important blood donors can be at saving someone else's life.

Here is this year's Valentine's blood drive commercial, which is currently running on WLBT. By the way, I think Marshall looks like a very convincing Cupid!


John said...

I pray for the best on the blood drive. I have always loved to give blood, there are some great people out there. Unfortunately, they won't let me anymore because of my being on blood thinner. I can't figure out why so many people are afraid to do so.

Anonymous said...

I cannot give blood again until the last week of February but I wiil be there then.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I could give blood but when my grandson was diagnosed with leukemia and blood drives were organized, I tried and was able to give to him on several occasions. He is now in total remission thanks to answered prayers, but I still donate locally when a drive is going on sometimes it is for a special cause or just to replenish supply. I have never needed blood but I might some day and when you think about it, the major part of the donating is just taking the time to do it. I have been blessed with two daughters who are also donors and there have been times when I was side by side with each of them to donate. I also have three sons who have donated but not at the same time I did. this is a very good cause and I appreciate all the efforts you and your friends put into the blood drives.