Thursday, May 7, 2009

Frank Melton

So many things have been said about Frank Melton today. Our hearts have been heavy ever since we learned of his passing early this morning. We knew the day would come, all because his health was failing.

Frank hated rules. He loathed being told what to do and he despised bureaucracy. This never worked for him in television ownership or politically and it certainly didn't work for him when it came to his heart problems and other issues.

I remember when Frank used to come to the television station. When he walked through the door, it was like the air was sucked right out of the room. He had a 'larger than life' presence. He was always kind, asked about your family and would yell "How ya doing!" down the hall to someone.

I have been at WLBT since 1999, but was on the morning show when I was initially hired. Frank didn't make the hiring and firing decisions at that time; management did. So when I was named chief meteorologist at WLBT in 2003, he caught me in the hallway and wanted to find out all about me. It was almost like I was going on a first date with his son. The typical questions: where are you from, where did you go to school, etc. When I finished giving him my life story in less than 45 seconds (only because he had a short attention span), he said "I'm glad to see a woman in this position. Better yet, I'm glad to see an educated woman in this position!" He turned and walked away quickly to the next thing on his mind.

People will second guess whether Frank was really cut out to be in politics for weeks to come. But one thing you couldn't fault Frank for: that was giving a piece of himself away in order to gain his heart's desire. That desire was to serve others.


Sugar's Mommy said...

Well put. I can't believe he's gone. What a shock. I met him only once, but you are so right. He commanded the room.

Have a great weekend.

JD said...

Despite his faults ( and WE all have many), I truly admired Frank Melton. I truly believe he was trying to rid Jackson of crime. I know that he is finally at peace and I am praying for his family.

The Burns Crew said...

I met Frank Melton a few times when my husband was employed with JPD. He was definetly a larger than life person. I hope people remember him for the good he did and how he did try to rid Jackson of its major crime problem. My heart goes out to his family during this most difficult time. Rest in Peace, Frank.