Monday, May 11, 2009

Now Faith Is

God is looking for faith. The Bible says "now faith is.." and that is one of the great secrets of faith. God can see when someone gets in the 'now'. Recall everything you've read about Jesus in the Bible. Jesus never told anyone to come back the next day for their miracle or in 30 days. The question was not God's ability. The question is, can you bring your faith into the now? Can you get faith on the inside of you in the now, like today?

Faith can be heard and faith can be seen. If you had passed by the woman with the issue of blood that I wrote about a few weeks ago, you would have heard her faith. She confessed in Mark 5:28, "If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole." You would have also seen her faith because you would have noticed her moving the best way she could in her weakened condition. Her faith caused her to be moving! She could have just stood there and said, "If Jesus wants me to be healed, He'll just have to come to my house." But the scripture says that when she heard of Jesus, she started moving and talking (or confessing).

You've got to start moving and talking, too. There is something going on in your life that seems impossible and you've got to start declaring something that seems impossible--something no one but God could do for you.

God pays attention to faith. He likes it when we get faith in the now. 'Now' faith moves God.

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Anonymous said...

Something small but significant struck me about this journal entry. "Now faith" has the meaning you mentioned, but your comments wouldn't apply as easily if you simply add a comma, which would read"
"Now faith." The new version with the comma goes to show that sometimes we need give people a break- a chance to take our message in at their own pace. All people need time to digest what is said and a second to pause to listen to the message rather than only hearing it. The way you present faith is just as important as what you present.