Friday, May 15, 2009

In The Center

I was asked to speak last night to the ladies at Pinelake Church and wow, what a night! Those girls were on fire for the Lord! The praising and worshipping started well before I got there and we all had a grand time!

This week I was listening to a political commentary about the increase in the number of independent voters. He said the democratic party has gone far to the left; the republican party has gone left of center; and the independent party has gone right of center taking up nearly 33% of registered voters. All of his talk of which party is centered and which one is not got me thinking.

In Exodus 25-28, God told Moses exactly how to build the ark of the covenant. In those instructions, God makes is plain where He wanted to be. The Holy of Holies was to be built in the center of the tabernacle. In the middle of the Holy of Holies was to sit the ark of the covenant. And in the middle or inside of the ark of the covenant was to be God's presence. Anywhere the ark went, God's presence was to be right there, in the middle. Do you see a pattern here? God wants to be the center of your world and my world. If God can't be center of your life, He doesn't want to be at all. God doesn't fit in the 'left of center' corner or the 'right of center' corner. And when He is the center, all else must move around Him.

There are some days when God is the center of my life. Other days, I admit, I shift Him over....just a wee bit. But He can't be off-center. He's either in the center or He's not at all.

I have shared with some of you my recent encounter with a homeless man near WLBT's studios. After the 10pm news last night, I hung around my office getting some last minute things done and was a bit later than normal leaving to go home. As I pulled out of the parking lot and pulled up to the traffic light in front of the Jackson Ice Company, I noticed somebody digging through the trash. The Lord immediately impressed upon me what I needed to do. When the light turned green, I made a U turn and drove into the parking lot of the store. To be honest, I didn't know if I had any money in my wallet, but I went on faith anyway. After all, why would God tell me to give the man money if I had no money to give? I peered in my wallet and guess what I found? Two dollars! (Those of you who have heard my story know how significant two dollars are to this story.) I rolled down the window, asked him if he needed money, and when he came over to get it, I noticed it was a different man than the one I had given to twice before. Why did God send a totally different homeless man to the same location at the same time I would be driving by? God works in mysterious ways and when the Holy Spirit speaks, listen.


The Webb's said...

All i can say is WOW! After hearing your story last night of the homeless man and then seeing this it touched my heart to be more of a servant. I do tend to push God to the left or right with work, family, friends, cleaning and all the things that just DONT matter as much as he does. It made me realize He needs to ONLY be the center of my life! Nichole

stacy seago said...

Barbie....what a blessing you were to us at Pinelake last night! I knew God was going to use you to bring a wonderful message, just didn't realize how perfect it would be to my life. I encountered a text this morning that was similar to your emails you read last night. I felt as though I was spiritually prepared for "the battle" after last night. God's timing is so perfect isn't it?
Thank you again for your obedience to share of His Goodness. Thank you for being so transparent & sharing your heart. We all loved it! I'll look for you at the next JLJ meeting......

Stacy Seago

Kristy said...


All I can say is you were awesome Thursday night, after hearing you speak it has made the biggest impact on my life. I needed that so much. Thank you so much for the wonderful msg. I can't wait to hear you again

Renee Guest said...

Barbie - I have linked you to my family blog to keep up with your posts. I was so inspired and felt like you were talking right to me.
I got a letter (email) recently that hurt alot and it is so funny that you were reading hurtful letters that were written to you. God has been tugging on my heart lately and I have been very disobidient. I did NOT turn to Him immediately - i kept on living my selfish little life. After hearing you speak I really have realized how much I have turned from having GOD at my center. My soul is craving HIM and the relationship that I had with HIM( a year ago) but i have just strayed away without even realizing it ..until I saw how lost I felt. Satan acts slowly sometimes!!!!
I just want to thank you for sharing your key with all of us! And thank you for keeping me laughing --- you are such a doll. I was laughing through tears!
And we have also found our new favorite verse - Leviticus 3:16

Thank you!
Renee Guest

The Segrest Family said...

barbie! it was such a joy to hear you speak last night. i felt like you were my long lost friend and we were having a chat! your message was God-breathed and i enjoyed it so much! thank you for your time spent preparing for it!!!
blessings to you!
MK Segrest
ps- called the weatherline today! just like i told you i do everyday.... =)

Ashley said...

Barbie, Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us on Thursday night! It was such a blessing. The "key" message really touched my heart. You are a truly lovely lady, on fire and shining with your love for our Lord.
Thank you again!