Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

I hope you had a few days to enjoy your family and friends as we celebrated Christmas and New Years. I took a few days off myself and it seemed to fly by as it always does.

In spending time away from work, I had a chance to go home to visit my family. Here is our annual Christmas picture taken in my parents' home. Me and my two sisters are on the back row with our husbands; my brother is next to my dad, and the grandchildren fill in the spaces.
So have you made your new years resolutions yet? Just for kicks, I went back to read over my blog entry I on January 5, 2009 to see what written as far as resolutions are concerned. Here is what I wrote:

"I want to lose another 10 pounds which will get me back to my high school weight; I will shower heaven with more thankfulness for everyday blessings; and I want to finish writing my book."

I lost those other 10 pounds and lost a total of 54 pounds; I have certainly become more grateful and full of more praise; and I finished my book, which is already selling on Amazon and I have a full slate of book signings scheduled. Now for 2010's resolutions.

Although I want to continue working hard to keep the 54 pounds off that I lost, my challenges this year will be more spiritual in nature. To start with, I'm keeping my first challenge more personal for now. I'll share that with you this Friday after I've had some time to go through it.

This year, I want to be more of a Godly witness to those I come in contact with, those who watch me every day, and to my family. I want to finish reading the Bible through since I've more than half way through it.

For me, 2010 is all about sitting back and watching God move in ways that only He could get the glory for. So, what are you resolving to do this year? Share them with me right here on this blog. You can do it anonymously or you can sign in if you have a Google account.

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Angie said...

Mine are to eat together at the table as a family, we started reading from the bible to our kids, instead the bible story book, and lose weight(always!)