Monday, January 25, 2010

What Is Abundant Life?

Call most businesses and someone will answer the phone like this, "Thank you for calling so-in-so company. How may I help you?" Have you ever had someone answer the phone and when you tell them what you need, they don't seem to know how to help? In turn, they pass you along to someone else who can get the job done.

What is it that you need? I mean, what is it that you really need? Is it a physical healing? It is a financial miracle, a job change, or maybe just to hear from the Lord on a particular matter?

John 10:10 is one of the more recognized verses in the New Testament. Jesus said, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." One translation puts it like this, "I came, that they have life, and have more plenteously." The Message says, " I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of."

For me, John 10:10 is what I have termed the 'everything I need' gospel.

I've heard people refer to how poor they were growing up. Many of them say they didn't have much money, but they had everything they needed. That's exactly what God does for you and me---everything we need.

What is a full life, an abundant life or a plenteous life to you? For me, it's peace. It's being content with what I have and yet striving for more spiritually. It's knowing that although the world may be in turmoil with it's wars and families may be shredding apart, God is still in control. It's relying on Father God to see me through every circumstance that comes my way. Because you see, everything you get with the arm of the flesh, you must keep with the arm of the flesh. There's nothing I have that I want to have to fight to keep! But whatever I gain in the spirit, I keep in the spirit.

What parent would not give their child what they need? The child may want the latest in cellphones, fashions and cars. As a parent, there comes a time when you have to decipher a need from a want, and as you know, there is a vast difference.

So if Jesus said He came so that we can have "life and have it to the fullest," then He was saying everything we ever need, He will provide. No, we may not get that job promotion, win the Publishers Clearinghouse millions or even be healed from a devastating cancer, but Jesus said He will provide...somehow, someway. It is not our responsibility to fix whatever it is. Our sole responsibility is to trust that if Jesus said He will give us a full life, then He will provide that life for us.

That's what's so amazing about grace.


Alice said...

Barbie, this is wonderful. So many people never find this peace. God has really blessed me by allowing me to get to know you on a more personal level. I have watched you on tv and admired you for your ability but never knew the real person. You are a wonderful, Christian example for all of us. God Bless You and Your Family.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog a lot. How is homeschooling this year? Also, where is Maggie Wade? We miss her.

Nishant said...

I have watched you on tv and admired you for your ability

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Barbie Bassett said...

Homeschooling is wonderful! Thank you for asking. Maggie had surgery 3 weeks ago and she'll be out until late February. She is doing fine and resting.