Monday, February 15, 2010

Facing Your Giants

One of my favorite movies is "Facing The Giants". I know, kind of a romantic, yet Christian movie. Probably not what you expected me to pick, but I like the storyline and the ending. It's about a high school football coach and his team who are facing the Giants team across town for the championship and how the coach gets them ready to fight. Meantime, the coach is facing his own set of giants in his marriage and his struggle to keep his job.

Do you think David ever realized when he was shepherding sheep that one day he would take on a giant? He had killed the lion and the bear and was anointed by the prophet Samuel to grow up and be king. But did he ever think this anointing would pit him face to face with a literal giant?

While two armies stood there with their mouths wide open in amazement, David told his giant in I Samuel 17:45, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty." Then he put one small stone in his sling and ran straight toward Goliath and took down a giant. David flat out called his giant a spiritual enemy and knew it wasn't by his own might that he would fight, but that God would fight for him.

Notice David ran straight for his giant. He didn't tuck and run in the other direction. Why? Because David saw his giant from God's perspective and not from his own!

When we are facing giants, whether they be financial, emotional, spiritual or physical giants, we make a crucial mistake by looking at them from our own perspective. We look at giants from the bottom up. That's why they look so big! God has the ability to look down on our giant and see it for what it is.

Next time you're facing a giant, stop and take a different look. Look at it from God's perspective and see that He is in control. He can defeat it for you, if you would just let Him. Face it head on in the 'name of the Lord Almighty'!

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Pam said...

Loading up my slingshot right now ! We all need to "look up, not around "