Friday, February 26, 2010

A Personal Reflection

Ever have those moments when you wonder if anybody understands what you're talking about? In speaking to groups at womens retreats, banquets and conferences all over, I sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself. Sure, I get quite a number of people who tell me afterwards or email me later saying, "I needed to hear that. God has been working on me on what you just talked about. I think God brought you here to speak to me specifically." But even after all of that, is sharing my heart worth it? Or do I sound like the teacher on the Peanuts cartoons..."wah, wah, wah, wah, wah..." to most people?

I've got a busy schedule which is about to get busier in another two weeks with the start of the book tour. I'm gone almost every weekend, away from my family, doing what I believe God has called me to do. Some nights during the week, I don't get to come home to spend dinner with my family between newscasts because I'm speaking at a church banquet or conference. My supportive husband is always gracious in picking up the pieces.

So this week, forgive me, but I was feeling a bit down. Overwhelmed, thankful, but yet feeling alone. I know I'm doing what God has called me to do in ministering to others. I shared my concerns with a dear friend of mine who "gets" me. I told her of the urgency I have felt over the last few months to do more speaking, more sharing of what the Lord is giving me to share, and encouraging others along the way. She understood exactly where I was coming from. "Following God in doing what He has called you to do can sometimes be a lonely place," she told me. "When you feel like you're alone in doing His work, He has your undivided attention. So listen and follow His instructions closely."

Then yesterday, a letter was delivered to my office at WLBT. It was the kind of letter I cringe at receiving. No return address. Must be one of those constructive criticism letters, I thought. (I've quickly discovered if a letter doesn't have a return address, it usually includes choice words and matter-of-fact opinions about my hair, my clothes, and anything else they see fit to complain about.) I opened it cautiously, readying for the zinger.

"Dear Barbie,
I overheard a friend sharing an experience she had as part of a group of women you spoke to at Shiloh Church. You cannot know the impact you had on her. Her heart was touched deeply and you fed her spirit. You gave her insight into herself and the gift you gave will reach further than any of us will be aware. It excites my imagination to wonder how many people she will help, and how much what you said will be a part of that help. We are all a part of something greater than we know and all fit together in God's plan. Continue to lead with your heart. The ripples you create are far reaching. Thank you for being there. Signed, Touched my your spirit"

Just when I was beginning to question whether or not my extra-curricular speaking was worth my time away, it was confirmed.

Feeling a bit down today? Ask God to confirm you're on the right track.


K Storm said...

Love when He sends the encouragement just when you need it.

Mickey said...

Almost all great leaders in the bible incorporated their family in following God's will. Noah's family, Abraham's family, and many more. Finding that balance between God, family, and work can be difficult, but there is no doubt you have your priorities and God's will for your life fully synchronized! If it ever gets out of whack, He will redirect you back to where He wants you!!