Friday, November 12, 2010

God Uses Rebellion

God can take advantage of our rebellion for His glory and His purpose.

Jonah was a man who fought God's will for his life tooth and nail. The Bible makes it clear just how rebellious Jonah was toward his calling in Jonah 1:3, "Jonah ran away from the Lord."

The Ninevites were a raucous group of people. They worshipped several gods, including one that was named 'Dagon', which had the head of a fish. They weren't going to believe anything Jonah said unless the fish god sent them a prophet. But nothing is too difficult for God, so just imagine how shocked they were when they realized Jonah was spit out on dry land by a fish! After hearing about Jonah's adventures inside the belly of a fish, they believed God and were saved. God spared their city from utter destruction.

Jonah's story of stubbornness only goes to show God's will for our life will not be undermined by what the devil tries to do.

(Barbie will be signing at the Busy Womens Expo in Memphis tomorrow. She will also be the guest speaker at First Baptist Richland's ladies dinner Monday night.)

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