Monday, November 29, 2010

Severe Weather Monday Night

This is the time of the year when Mississippians are leery of big drops in temperatures. You know what that means--the possibility of severe weather exists.

A strong cold front is barreling through the Midwest and will be parallel to the Mississippi River later today. Thunderstorms will march across the river and winds will increase. This has the potential to be a fairly widespread severe weather event with the possibility for numerous locations to receive damaging winds of 60-70 mph, therefore I cannot pinpoint exactly where the severe weather will occur. Tornadoes will be possible throughout the duration of the evening and into early Tuesday morning with a sizeable temperature drop to follow. Heavy rainfall of 2-3 inches could produce some flash flooding as well as ponding on the roadways.

Areas west of the I-55 corridor are likely to experience the severe weather in the late afternoon through the midnight hour. Areas east of the I-55 corridor will see our fair weather erode after 10pm and possibly linger closer to dawn. Here is NWS' graphical depiction of the event as it describes the event best to non-meteorological types. Find your county and see what is expected for your area.

Please have your weather radio on throughout the afternoon and overnight. This system is a classic late November severe weather event set up, of which Mississippi is known for.

You can also follow my weather updates via Twitter @BarbieBassett or become a fan of the "WLBT First Alert Weather" Facebook page. I'll be with you throughout the night on WLBT and will keep you updated should the weather deteriorate.

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