Friday, March 21, 2008

Full Feet & Full Moons

On Monday, I was honored to do a photo shoot with "Beautiful Magazine" in my home. This is a new magazine for the metro area which features articles on beauty and fashion, all for women. I was asked by editor David Creel to be their May cover and feature spread, just time for Mothers Day. As you can see from one of the "behind the scenes" photos, we shared alot of laughs.

Also this week, we got another update and sneak peek of baby girl. The sonogram estimates her at being over 8 pounds (yikes!) and the doctor still seems to think it could be any day, although the calendar says I have another 3 weeks. As you can tell from the 4D sonogram picture, baby girl is all smiles about it and could care less.

With my swollen feet, I've had to improvise with my footwear here lately. One viewer saw my new fashion necessity last night on the news.
I was wondering if I saw you wearing baby blue house shoes on the 6 o clock news? If so, YOU GO GIRL!!! I know exactly how you feel. Good luck and God bless. Signed, Hope Hodges
Yep, Hope is right. I was sportin' my baby blue house shoes. I have a black pair with sequins on them, but wasn't in the mood for the sparkles last night. The full moon is tonight and the older viewers have reminded me that most babies are born on full moons. We'll wait and see if baby girl consults the lunar calendar...


Sara said...

The photo shoot looks like fun. You look beautiful!

BarbC said...

How appropriate that you would be on the cover of Beautiful for Mother's Day! You look great. Didn't you love that bit of pampering and getting to dress up?! I think a full moon baby would be a wonder find in your Easter basket this weekend! LOL! Barbara Campbell

Slice of Paradise said...

HA!! I was wondering the same thing about the shoes & then thought "No, the camera operator wouldn't go that wide if she had on house shoes." Oops! ;)

20 days left ~ I know you would be thrilled to see her sooner than that though! Crossing my fingers that she'll show up with the Easter Bunny!

Melanieshea said...

That is so exciting!!! You look fabulous!!!!!!!!
Maybe she will come this weekend. That would be exciting, well it is going to be exciting whenever it happens!!!!
Get some rest these next few days or weeks...
and you look great tonight, I'm watching you now;o)