Monday, July 7, 2008

The Temptation to Complain

I dreaded July 4. It was to be my first day back at work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I missed my co-workers dearly. But I have enjoyed this maternity leave more than any other. Granted, I was always busy doing something or taking care of someone, but I enjoyed being with the kids. When nighttime came, I collapsed in bed. So I found myself being alittle melancholy Thursday night because I knew the life I had lived over the last 3 months was ending. I caught myself complaining about going back to work. Then I heard the Holy Spirit tell me, "You have a job. Be thankful. If I want you to stay at home, I'll make that happen for you."

There was another group of people who complained: the Israelites. When the Israelites went into the wilderness, one of the problems God had to repeatedly deal with them about was complaining. It was an 11 day journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, but after 40 years the Israelites were still wandering in the wilderness of death and destruction. Proverbs 21:23 says, "He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from troubles." Proverbs 13:3 says, "He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin."

When Jesus went into the wilderness, He did so with a great attitude. Jesus continued to praise God no matter what, refusing to complain, and as a result God raised Him from death to new life. That should be a lesson to us. We should guard against the temptation to complain and grumble and instead purposely choose to give God praise and thanksgiving.

In reading the Israelites' story, I could see their mistakes and not make the same ones. They complained and faced death and destruction. We should heed their example and not follow their pattern. Praising and giving thanks will open the door to life.


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i'll be praying for you. it was hard for me to come back from maternity leave, too - even though i also love my career.

thank you for being so sweet to mary peyton yesterday at church. you made her day - just by being you!

John said...

Although Eric and Joanna did a great job filling in, it just isn't the same without Barbie. Glad you are back, missed you and appreciate what you do.

Richardzmom said...

Well - your "littlest" fan is so thrilled that you are back- we watched you at 4, 5, AND 6 - he would run to the tv and say "Oh hi Barbie" , "Barbie pretty" - "Barbie pink!" As I watched each of your weather forecasts I thought of how it was when I first went back to work and the conflicting emotions that I faced...we are happy to see you back and so radiant and will be lifting you up in prayer as you transition back into this routine.

Barbara said...

Looks like you've been "bumped" from the top of the blog--LF and I have something in common--our lack of hair. Was out of town and didn't see you but know you looked great and did an awesome job on your first day back!

Sara said...

I have only two weeks left of maternity leave, so I can definitely relate. So good to see you back on the air though! Love ya!