Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain And More Rain

When the kids looked out the window yesterday morning, one said "yuk". Yuk is right. Rain arrived yesterday and it is sticking around for today. Climatologically speaking, we could use some rain. Since November 1, the National Weather Service in Jackson has recorded 0.40" of rain which puts us -1.29" below normal for this time of the month. The cold front on the way is a slow mover and there is plenty of moisture forming well ahead of the actual front. With that said, expect rain showers throughout the day and evening, with some heavy sprinkles. Here is this morning's graphic from the NWS.Most of the stronger thunderstorms will remain well to our south and southwest or closest to the warm front. One computer model has us completely drying out by Thursday afternoon while another model has the rain lasting through Friday afternoon. By this weekend, you'll be bundled up because the temperatures will plummet to the 50s for daytime highs and 30s for overnight lows.

Meantime, I thought I'd do alittle something different for this Friday's blog. Every now and then, readers to this blog post questions in the "comments" section. One was posted yesterday by a reader. If you have any questions for me, I'll be happy to answer them on this Friday's blog. Just post your question or send it to me at (I realize some of you don't know how to post on this blog or you would rather send an email because it may be easier for you).

Take your umbrella today and try not to grow webbed feet!


Big Bob said...

My daughter is a big fan and looks up to you in a big way. You might say you are one of her heros. Who would you say is your biggest hero outside of your family? Who is that person that has had an ever lasting affect on you?

Anonymous said...

I have two questions. I am single, so I am always interested how great couples met. How did you and your husband meet?

My second question is do you have a devotion book that inspires your posts, or is it from daily reading of God's word. You always hit it right on the nail with your posts by uplifting others. Your blog is just such an encouragement, and a reminder of how we should be living our lives as Christians. I think very highly of you, and I only watch you when it comes to the weather! I think you look great! You have beautiful children, and that picture of Lilly Faith is gorgeous! Her blue eyes just pop out-incredible!

Thank you,