Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. It is a day when our citizens are supposed to honor those who have served in the armed forces.

My grandfathers were never in the military; my dad and brother have never been in the military; and I don't have any uncles who have served in the military. Being from a die-hard farming family, most of the men (and women) stayed behind during wars and grew food for everyone else. So, I don't have any first hand accounts or memories of loved ones being away in foreign countries fighting wars. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate what was done and what is being done for me even to this day.

When I was a senior in high school, my mom, my sister and I went to Hawaii for a beauty pageant I was in. While there, we toured Pearl Harbor. I remember learning about the significance of Pearl Harbor, but it didn't hit a note with me in until I toured the memorial there. In my life, there have been a few times when I've felt a reverential hush come over me. Standing on the memorial, looking into that deep blue water, seeing the oil residue float on top of the ocean and realizing the bodies that were under me was one of those moments that I will never forget what I felt like.

My co-worker Bert Case did a wonderful story yesterday about a family of brothers in Neshoba County who all served in the military fighting in various wars. I've posted a portion of his story below and a picture of the Jackson brothers.

We found six men in Neshoba county, all of whom were veterans of either World War II or Korea, to go to for their perspective on Veteran's Day. O.D. Jackson, C.O. Jackson, Jeffie Jackson, Fulton Jackson, Howard Jackson, and Wendall Jackson. You guessed it, the Jacksons are all brothers, five of whom served in World War II at the same time and two later in the Korean War. One Jackson brother who was a Veteran of World War II, Lawson Jackson, died Sunday. They are all the sons of Will and Mae Jackson of Neshoba County. We thought they would have an interesting view of the meaning of Veteran's Day. "Had we not won World War II, we would very likely be speaking some foreign language, if we were even here today," said O.D. Jackson, WWII veteran. "It just brings to mind what we went through, and people won't even take time to, go out to celebrate it," added C.O. Jackson, WWII veteran.
"It means everything to me," added Jeffie Jackson, WWII veteran. "I think of freedom primarily. I think of Veteran's Day. I like to see the parades, I like to see the flags flying, I like to see patriotism emphasized," added Howard Jackson, Korean War veteran. So when you think of Veteran's Day, this year, think of the Jackson brothers of Neshoba County, Mississippi.

While you are going about exercising your freedoms today and you come across someone who has served our country in war or peacetime, tell them "thank you". They will understand.


Anonymous said...

Barbie, I enjoy your blog and can definitely tell you are losing the weight. I have recently started considering homeschooling my two children next year. One will be in the 4th grade and the other in kindergarten. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be considering this, I would have laughed. How has your homeschooling experience gone so far?

The Burns Crew said...

I totally agree with how you described your visting of the memorial at Pearl Harbor. I have been there as well..my brother is a Lt in the US Navy and is going back to Hawaii this summer. It is so moving to take the boat out there and read all the names and then watch oil slowly drift upward from so far below.