Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Question From A Blog Reader

Barbie, would you comment on your experience with the liquid diet? My doctor has asked me to consider going on a medically supervised liquid diet at St. Dominic's diet center. I'm not opposed to it, but a liquid diet seems difficult. Well meaning friends are telling me that they think this liquid diet is totally liquid - no solid food at all. Did you find this to be true? They are also telling me that they have heard it is very expensive. I'm also wondering about what happens when I loose the unwanted weight and return to eating regular food. Have you found it hard to keep the weight off? Thanks for your input. I do not know anyone else to ask as I do not know anyone else who has done this.

I'm sure there are different liquid diets out there. I'm on the liquid diet that Baptist Health Systems has. They actually have two: one which is all liquid (shakes, puddings and soups) and another one which has the dieter eating two liquids and one low calorie meal each day. I chose to do the all liquid diet because it is faster and when I set my mind to something, I do it with no looking back. The diet at St.Dominic may be all liquid, but since I'm not familiar with their program, I can't comment. Even though I have 10 pounds to go until my personal goal, I have started to incorporate some food back into my diet and I haven't gained any of my weight back. However, I watch my food intake very closely. A friend of mine went from 238 pounds down to 135 pounds with this same diet. She has gained back 25 pounds, however she will quickly admit that she is eating anything she wants and doesn't exercise one bit. Doing 1 hour of cardio everyday has not only improved my health, but I believe it keeps me from gaining back the 37 pounds I've lost. When you incorporate food back into your diet, you have to make sure the meals are low calorie. If not, the weight will pile back on doubly fast!

Any "diet" starts with your mind first. If you aren't wholly and fully committed, you will waste your time and money. I had to find my motivation for doing what some would call drastic and I had two of them: 1) the pressure people have put on me to lose the baby weight fast and look perfect (you've seen the emails, letters and messages on this blog so you know what I'm talking about) and 2) I needed to lose the weight for my own health. With the heart problems that have surfaced in my family over the last year, I don't want to find myself in my brother's shoes just because I chose not to get rid of some leftover pregnancy weight.

In addition to the liquid diet, I've also been doing a Bible study on my own using the "First Place 4 Health". This study digs into the reasons why God wants us to be healthy and how our relationship with food can be directly related to our relationship with God. Those books can be found at any Christian book store.

Liquid diets can be pricey and some insurance companies will pay for it (my insurance carrier will not). So I do without some things, keep a tight budget, and make it work. The Nutrition Center at Baptist is having a discounted deal at this time so if you are interested, call 601-973-1624 and they will gladly discuss all options with you.


JRushing said...

Thanks for the information!!!You are looking great and an inspiration in more ways than one.

abc123 said...

Thank you, Barbie, for taking the time to answer my questions about the liquid diet. Your information will certainly influence my decision. Thank you, also, for mentioning the First Place 4 Health. I do know someone who has done well with that. I will let you know what I decide as I may need some encouragement from time to time. You are a very strong woman and Christian. I am thankful that you don't let opportunities to be used by God pass you by. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Barbie, Your blog is wonderful! You are such an inspiration. I am starting the program at Baptist on Tuesday. I would love to know how you are doing so far! Good luck!

Big Bob said...

Barbie I too would like to thank you for you taking time to blog. you are inspirational to so many.

Let me comment on the liquid diet thing. I too used New Directions to loose weight. It was a matter of health for me also. I lost 133 pound, down from 389 pounds. It has been over a year since I was at my lowest. My frustrations came when I began to come back to the real world with food I could chew and began to gain weight back. I had never gone a week without loosing weight and now I was charting calorie intake and still gaining weight. All this took place while under the supervision of the New Direction staff. EXTRTEMELY frustrating for me. Once you begin to come back to the real world I suggest you increase you exercise for at least 3 weeks to get you motabolism to speed back up.

My experience WAS GOOD WITH NEW DIRECTIONS but without a life style change you'll be wasting time, money and effort.

Lissa G. Ramage said...
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