Monday, March 2, 2009

True Joy

The severe weather rolled through the state Friday night, but the northern half of the state got the brunt of it. I was wearing shorts Friday morning to the gym but pulled out the sweat pants on Saturday. What a temperature change! My mom called me while we were out to dinner and said it was snowing in my hometown, so I knew the changeover was coming. By 9:30pm, it was snowing outside and we all watched the big flakes come down. Before getting ready for church Sunday morning, we let the kids play a bit outside in it. Talk about being full of joy! Even Gracie said, "Mom! You were right! It DID snow!" (Glad to know my daughter thinks I know everything about the weather.)

I've had some memorable weeks here lately. I'm having a "personal revival" as our pastor termed it yesterday and I've never been so at peace and so joyful in all my days. And just when you think nothing could ruin it, viewer comments and emails rear their ugly heads. Thought I'd share the latest installment with you:

"Barbie, I am so proud of you for losing all of your weight. You've done it so fast and you look great! I thought surely you were going to stay fat forever. We're proud of you!" Signed, Anonymous

"You need a haircut and a tan. Bad!" Signed, Anonymous

"Please stop cutting your hair! You look so much prettier with longer hair. If other people want to donate their hair to cancer, let them. You need to let your hair grow out and stay longer. Don't donate your hair ever again!" Signed, Rose in Madison

(Isn't it funny how one says I need a haircut and the other is begging me not to cut my hair?)

These comments, if you let them, will steal a person's joy.....mainly mine! Psalm 89:15 says, "Happy is the people that know well the shout of praise, that lives, Lord, in the smile of thy protection!" I'm learning that the people who know the joyful sound are the ones who get into the presence of God and walk in the light of His countenance. This joy isn't dependent on how much money you have in the bank, what the economy is doing right now or by how many people like my hair; it is supernatural. It comes from heaven, it comes from God. God already has this joy in Him and as believers, that same joy is in us.

How do you demonstrate supernatural joy when others are trying to take it away? You demonstrate it by smiling, rejoicing and laughing. Joy irritates Satan. He likes to hang out in places of depression, grief, condemnation, and gossip. But where there is joy, the presence and glory of God will come in and run Satan off!


Heather K said...

It amazes me what some people think is appropriate to say to someone they don't even know....and then to sign it Anonymous...LOL...Cracks. Me. Up.

You are a beautiful, wonderful, Godly woman. I love to read your inspiration. I am glad you aren't letting these people get you down. They see something special in you (something being God) and it makes them uncomfortable.

glenn said...

Pro 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
Keep on smilin:)

Samantha said...

The joy of the Lord is our strength! That joy that you possess will break down the strong-holds that satan tries to bind you with... including the ones he uses other people to inflict on you.

Your joy radiates your countenance and shines from the inside out!

Sara said...

Satan is definitely trying to steal your joy. You can't please everyone (which is evident by those emails), so just keep on smiling and being your true, beautiful self.

Melanieshea said...

Just saw your weather forecast and wanted to tell you how beautiful you look!!!! LOOOVEE the purple top you were/are wearing! You look great and I am LOVING the warmer weather we are expected to get this week!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Alana Cupit from Westlincoln High School. We juniors didn't get to come over to the gym and listen to you yesterday but I just wanted to tell you that you made a very positive impact on almost all of the girls and our teachers! They would not stop talking about your speech all day yesterday! I guess I could say thanks to because we didn't have to do much school work since the teachers just wanted to talk about your speech! ha! which is great but i just wish the rest of us could have came and listened! But anyways, it was nice to have you! Thanks and keep up the great work! ha! I'll keep you in my prayers so that God will continue to make a positive impact on everyone through you. Bye!