Friday, April 3, 2009

The Birthday Girl

The weather turned rough yesterday as expected. We had 41 reports of large hail and one report of a possible tornado near McComb. The largest hail report I saw was hen egg size (thats 2 inches in diameter!). The storms picked up steam once they moved over Mississippi and rocked Alabama & Tennessee. We dodged the worst and I'm thankful.

Something else I'm thankful for: today is Lilly Faith's birthday. Just one year ago, the hospital ushered me through a back door before dawn and two hours later, she was here. One of my favorite pictures is this one of Will & Gracie getting their first look at who we've come to call "La-La".

This morning, she was sharing her fruit loops with Will on her birthday.

Her RSV is getting better with breathing treatments several times a day and some potent medicine. We'll celebrate tonight between newscasts with her own cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday, Lilly Faith!


Anonymous said...

What a precious family you have! You are so blessed!

Sugar's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. We are right there with you on the breathing treatments, only ours is because of pneumonia. Hope she's better soon.

John said...

Good excuse to forget the diet for one night.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly Faith!