Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun

I went home over the weekend to help plan and attend my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We wrapped their anniversary celebration and Easter--all into one and had a wonderful time. So I thought I'd share with you some family photos.
(My parents cutting my dad's birthday cake at the reception. He turned 70 on their 50th wedding anniversary which is April 10.)
(One of those blooper shots because its hard to get 3 children to smile and look at the camera at the same time!)

(A photo you'll never see on WLBT--me in curlers! Gracie is all smiles.)

(Gracie & Will hunt eggs while Lilly Faith is excited about Easter morning.)

While I was gone, I received more viewer emails. I'll be sure to share those with you later this week.


tgtank said...

You are an adorable family. You look just like your mom.

Sara said...

A beautiful family and I agree, you definitely have your mom's smile. You look great and the kids are precious!

Samantha said...

What precious pictures and special memories!!

Susan said...

Glad you had such a blessed Easter. We celebrated our Risen Lord Sunday and also my Dad's 86th birthday Sunday, so it was a wonderful day indeed! Your family is beautiful, as are you.