Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Glad I'm Not A Frog!

Saturday morning, I spoke to the ladies at Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs. This group of ladies really put on a show! Everyone wore hats, most of which were homemade and whimsical. Here is their group picture:

One of the younger girls who was there with her mother let Lilly Faith wear her hat. La-La got a kick out of wearing a hat!

You can see more pictures of their event at . You should see some the things they put together around their "girlie" theme!

They asked me to come speak about juggling it all and still keeping Christ as the center of your world. We had a splendid time and I enjoyed sharing with them my own personal journey. On the way down, I noticed all sorts of wildlife in Copiah County. The cows were sitting down, waiting on the rain and the birds weren't doing much flying in the brisk wind. I even noticed a few frogs hopping around, wondering when the rain was coming. Speaking of, I'm glad I'm not a frog. Let me explain why.

Last week while buying groceries, I swallowed a gnat. Yes, I was standing there at the checkout counter, got ready to pull out my money, and a gnat flew in front of my face. At the worst possible time, I felt a cough coming on. I quickly breathed in, ready to cough, and the gnat had a little road trip down my throat. Yuk! And I was hoping nobody saw it...Couldn't you just imagine Ethel going back and telling Mary Ella, "Honey, it was the darnest thing! I saw Barbie Bassett eat a gnat right there in the Kroger check out line, for goodness sake! I thought she had more class than that!" After reflecting later on what happened, I realized if I was a frog, I'd probably starve to death. A gnat isn't big at all, much less fulfilling. What a waste of time it would be!

I shared with the ladies at Harmony how we can get so caught up in going, doing, and being everything to everyone else and totally neglect our own spiritual life. Some people feed their bodies 3 hot meals a day and give their soul one cold snack a week, and they wonder why their life is screwed up! When we make our spiritual life a priority and the souls of our family a priority by going to church, group Bible study, and reading books that help us grow closer to God's will, God will in turn be faithful to us.

Psalm 37:28 says, "For the Lord will not forsake his faithful ones." If a frog was to swallow a gnat once a week as his snack, there is no way he would have the energy to hop all day. So how can we expect God to guide us, keep His hand on us and our family, and protect us if we are feeding our soul a cold snack during the week?


Angela said...

Great post. Lily Faith is precious in her hat!

Sugar's Mommy said...

Barbie, we had the best time with you. The ladies are still talking about it. Thank you for sharing your time and a word from God with us.

John said...

Great illustration with the gnat and the frog.
(hopefully it bypassed the taste buds).

Samantha said...

This ones a keeper!!! Love it!!!