Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Severe Weather

Severe weather is a definite possibility today. Last night on WLBT, I felt like I was predicting everything in the Old Testament except the plague of locusts because everything sounded so dire! As I said last night, my mission is not to scare anyone but to prepare everyone. Here is the NWS's graphical depiction of today's weather. Find your county and the weather expected for today:

As you can see, not the best of scenarios and to be honest, I haven't seen the weather service call for "golfball size hail and larger" in quite some time, much less damaging winds higher than 70 mph! We won't see a large squall line move through like we normally see this time of year. Today's event will involve strong supercells (cluster storms) that could produce this kind of weather.
I was interviewed last night on The Weather Channel. We talked about the severe weather potential for the area today and how everyone is already on the edge after last week's tornado in Magee. One thing to note: the NWS is having some transmitter issues so some weather radios may not pick up the warnings (not all weather radios). Please don't rely soley on your weather radio today, but also listen to WLBT, internet and the EAS alerts on your radio. The NWS will be trying to fix the problem after the weather calms down for a few days.
The worst of the weather should be gone by 6pm tonight. I'll be with you on WLBT later this afternoon and this evening!

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