Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday Fun Videos

If you watch WLBT, you will notice some new commercials running as most people have geared up for the new school year.

One issue close to my heart is organ donation. I've been a registered organ donor for 13 years now and have friends who have received life-saving organ transplants from people they will never know. So, I recruited some of my WLBT co-workers to help promote this worthy cause with the Mississippi Organ & Recovery Agency (MORA). Here is the commercial we created which is now running on WLBT.

And with football season upon us, it's time for me to go 'on the field' with my forecasts on Friday nights. Here is our new First Alert Football Forecast commercial. Oh, and I had ALOT of fun making this one, as you can probably tell!

Have a "sunny" weekend!


Sara said...

Very cute. And, there's just something about a cheerleading outfit that makes you feel great, doesn't it?

Greetings from Guatemala said...

love the football video- cute!!

also love your new background.

looking forward to watching you again while we are home this winter!

Tate said...

Hey Barbie!
My wife works at MORA and I was the guy who photographed you and Maggie for the billboards (built those as well). Thank you guys so much!!!