Friday, April 9, 2010

New Level, New Devil

After a whirlwind of book signings and interviews over the last 2 weeks, it has been neat getting the feedback from those who bought the book. Many are saying how they are reading the book again because they felt like they really needed to get what God was saying to them. Some have written and told me how it has changed their life and their perspective on their own personal storms. If you have read the book and you were blessed by it or felt God speak to you, He did it--not me.

Have you ever felt like you were on cloud nine because of a spiritual experience? Some people refer to them as "mountain top experiences". You know what I mean. You feel so close to the Lord; He's answered your prayers in ways you could not have imagined and He is revealing many things to you. Then not long afterwards, Satan rears his ugly head. Whether he gets your day off to a bad start, gets you stressed out and worried about something, or perhaps he causes conflict between you and someone else, the devil will stop at nothing to steal your joy. Although I am seeing God move through this book, it seems as if Satan is sending little devils my way daily to try and knock the wind out of my sail. The same thing happened to Jehoshaphat.

In 2 Chronicles 19, we read of the wonderful revival Jehoshaphat had been a part of in Jerusalem. The Bible says he turned his people's hearts "back to the Lord". Jehoshaphat was on a spiritual high. He even told his people to "act with courage, and may the Lord be with those who do well." (verse 11). But just as he was enjoying being close to God, the devil just couldn't stand it. Satan sent someone to give Jehoshaphat the bad news in 2 Chronicles 20:2, "A vast army is coming against you from Edom, from the other side of the Sea. It is already in Hazazon Tamar." Jehoshaphat's joy turned to fear. Not only was a great army coming to take his kingdom away, but he found out he was surrounded by them!

He declared a fast in the land so the people could seek God's will. Then we read where Jahaziel stood and gave one of the best sermons, I think, in the Bible. Jahaziel tells the people in verse 15, "Do not be afraid or discouraged..for the battle is not yours, but God's." He goes on to tell the people in verse 17, "You will not have to fight this battle...stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you. The Lord will be with you." But here is the best part: the Lord set ambushes against the people who were coming against King Jehoshaphat and they ended up destroying themselves. They helped destroy one another! (verse 22-23)

Don't you see, when you and I are riding high in the Spirit of the Lord and enjoying His peace, Satan will use anything, anybody and any circumstance to try and knock us down. But what he ends up doing is destroying himself in the process and all those principalities he uses. When God takes you to a new level, expect a new devil to follow behind.

So as you go throughout your weekend, just remember: new levels, new devils!

Barbie will be signing her book at the First Baptist Bude ladies brunch Saturday morning and at Turning Pages bookstore in Natchez from 1pm-3pm.


Debbie R said...

I was at your book signing in Florence and purchased a book for my mother and myself. I was on my lunch hour and had to rush back to work and didn't get to hang around and chat, which I really regret. I could have listened to you talk for hours on end. I love your book! I have also miscarried with a child and had to wait a few days before the surgery to remove the baby. It is something that one never forgets, so I have cried with you while reading the book more than once. Which is ok, sometimes crying washes away the pain. I love how you are so encouraging throughout the book. Thank you for being you!

The Miller's Blog said...

Thank you! I needed to hear that after this week.