Friday, April 30, 2010

Severe Weather Possible

I think it would be fair to say most people are on edge with this weekend's weather considering what happened last Saturday. Unfortunately, this won't be the best weekend to continue cleaning the storm-ravaged counties.

A strong cold front is slowly moving east, but it isn't in any hurry. While it is traveling east, plenty of gulf moisture is streaming out ahead of the front. All of this will destabilize the air over us. A series of low pressure disturbances will form along this front and ride across our area. It could rain over the same areas throughout the weekend, thus causing periods of heavy rain and flash flooding. Some computer models are forecasting 3-6 inches of rain between today and Monday!

All modes of severe weather will be possible today and Saturday. The area that could have the greatest risk for tornadoes, large hail and straight line winds is the Mississippi Delta--one of the hardest hit areas last weekend. Here is the NWS's graphical depiction of the forecast. Find your county to see what you can expect.
Most of the rain will begin to form after 2pm today. Please have your NOAA weather radio on throughout the weekend and keep your television tuned to WLBT.

Barbie is scheduled to be signing books at Ballyhoo in Mendenhall, Saturday from 11am-1pm. She will be in Ridgeland at the BookShelf from 2pm-3:30pm. All of this is subject to change pending the severe weather. There are currently less than 150 copies of her book left.

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