Monday, April 12, 2010

The Trip to Southwest Mississippi

I had a blast traveling to First Baptist Bude Saturday morning for their ladies brunch! Those ladies were fired up and ready for whatever the Lord was going to show them. I love events like that!

My publicist Nancy and I then hopped back on the road and drove to the beautiful city of Natchez to do a signing at Turning Pages bookstore. I love their downtown; so picturesque and bustling with activity.

When I'm in Natchez, a few of my "friends" always drop by. One of those people is Gayle. Gayle had a trampoline accident when she was a teenager and has been in a wheelchair ever since. She's a WLBT fan, the prettiest thing and we share a love for bling (that's rhinestones, if you didn't already know). My sweet friend Nicholas showed up, too. Nic is 6 years old--the same age as my Gracie. He was born with many challenges, but his mother tells me he just laughs when he sees me on television every night. Here are a few pictures from our Natchez trip.

When I got back from Natchez, I received this email:
"It was so good to finally meet you at your book signing in Natchez! Let me begin by saying you are TINY and absolutely beautiful. Your ability to connect with people and let your faith shine through make you all the more beautiful. My husband was google-eyed the rest of the day. There is no way you could know the personal struggle we are going through. Our son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome last year (a high-functioning form of autism). Without going into long detail, it has affected every area of our lives and been a daily challenge to deal with. When we left the book signing and got back to our truck, we opened our book and saw you'd written "He is faithful, even through the storm" and both of us couldn't stop the tears. God speaks in a loud voice at times to remind us He is in control of every situation, doesn't He?"
Many people are going through storms in their lives right now. Take a moment and say a prayer for this book reader. God knows her name and her need.


Anonymous said...

I was at First Baptist in Bude, and it was wonderful to see you in person, and to hear your talk. You truly are a Steel Magnolia, and quite beautiful to boot! keep up the great work, your message was timeless, and carries far and wide!

Barbara said...

It was truly good to see you again. Last time we met I was bald and you--well, were larger! :) I'm inspired by your faithfulness to everything you do; you also make me tired! You are one busy lady!! The talk was wonderful and I hope we see each other again soon.

Anonymous said...


Who published your book, and how wold I go about contacting the publisher?

I have some poetry, and I would appreciate having a publisher's input.

Barbie Bassett said...

Dogwood Press published my book. Just go to and you can contact them!