Friday, December 3, 2010

When Critics Come

Have you ever wondered if what you're doing is really worth it? You work hard, you sacrifice for the benefit of others, you spread yourself thin and you stay true to what you feel God has called you to do. And then, you are pummeled with negativism! Immediately, you begin second guessing what you're doing. I've had one of those weeks. With criticism all around, including right here on my blog (you can read the comment below this post, "A Look Back At The Severe Weather"), you're willing to throw in the towel.

When you give up, you limit God's use of your life. There will be times when it seems the battle you are facing is too much to handle. You may not know how you'll come out of it, but God does. He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. If you give up now, no telling what you'll miss!

The children of Israel allowed negativism to get the best of them. They were told by spies to turn away and not pursue the plan God had for them. An entire generation passed away before Israel had another chance to go into the land God had given them. Only Joshua, Caleb and Moses survived. The next time they checked out the land, they came back and said in Joshua 2:24, "The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands; all the people are melting in fear because of us." The first time around, Israel missed it. The second time around, they learned a lesson in obedience and entered into God's promised blessing.

That's not to say God doesn't allow adversity to prepare us for an even greater blessing and mission. God has a purpose for the pain and hurt we encounter. Are you ready to step over into the promised blessing God has prepared for you? Or are you being tempted to cut and run at the thought of having to endure for a while longer?

(Today Barbie will be speaking at the MAIS Educational Conference, MEC's Leadership Mississippi Graduation luncheon and is the guest speaker for Fannin Baptist Church's ladies dinner this evening.)


Anonymous said...

I just read the below comment you were referring to. I was just beside myself! Comments like that is what's call the devil's work. He is trying to get you down through other people. If you make that person's stomach churn, then why is that person looking at your blog and still watching you on tv? Don't let the devil get you down! And like they say, don't let a few rotten apples ruin it for everyone else. We love you, Barbie! And, I love your hair!

Karen :) said...

You just let that criticism roll of your sweet back! That person obviously does not have a clue. If she did, she would know that you are growing your glorious hair for wigs to be made for cancer patients!

I personally appreciate what you do! Keep doing it!

Kathy said...

Just heard you speak at the MAIS convention. You were fabulous! Your life is such a witness. You seem to be living according to Gods plan -a nightlight for the rest of us - so keep up the good work:)

Anonymous said...

What criticism the anonymous person does not like about you is probably a flaw he or she sees in himself or herself; however he or she is just too weak (cowardly, frankly) to admit or correct, or live with the flaws.

The Miller's Blog said...

Wow, Barbie. Sounds like the devil is definitely digging in his heels and trying to take hold of you. You are a tremendous role model for women of all ages. I admire and respect your wisdom and your true faith. God has used you in so many ways-- many you don't even know about, I feel sure. Keep your sweet head up and keep smiling that great, big beautiful smile. Anyone who anonymously posts something like that has much deeper issues than they would ever dare to admit. Thank you once again for doing what you do and being who you are and allowing God to work in your life and use you for his glory-- not for anyone else.

Barbara said...

I approach negativity with the saying "a long time ago I chose to be happy on this day: you cannot make me mad or sad". It works, even with the most hateful people. I have won a few over when you get them talking. I refuse to let them be ugly!! You know how "wonderfully made" you are. Show them!!

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job at the MAIA meeting today. You were so on target and said just the right things that I needed to hear. I'm going to be the nightlight that my students need and I'm going to be sure I don't leave any of my "ducklings" in the middle of the pond! Thanks for being obedient and yourself!
Debbie Campbell

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to research extreme religiosity and how it can effect your entire well being, as well as your family!! It can really be a huge problem if you are not very careful. It will destroy your life. My husband is a product of this due to a rural upbringing and it has made him extremely sensitive to any type of criticism due to the pressures religion was enforced on him as a child. You can love the Lord, but do you really think He wants you to be a fanatic and full of piety and holier than anyone. My Lord thinks not and for heavens sake don't let His Word make you miserable. Trust me, your husband and children will rebel against your intensity with religion down the road. I know, I've been there. You are on a road to extreme heartbreak if you don't stop letting your religious beliefs control every aspect of your life.
God is Good!! Just remember He does have a sense of humor, and wants you to be happy and peaceful and enjoy His world with glee!! Religion is necessary and needed, but excessive religion is in the DSM Manual, which is a psychiatrist bible that helps diagnose illnesses for them on a regular daily basis!! If you do not get some help, I fear you may become very ill in the future and destroy your family. You mean well and are such a precious person, but I am just concerned for you. You have accomplished so many wonderful things and seem to have a magnificent family, but don't take them for granted. Love them, have fun with them and above all keep your husband happy. Too much religion can turn a man the other way and you surely don't deserve that, but everything is new and young right now and this will all change.
Just felt like I had to say this to you and mean no offense, but I am just concerned!! You are a woman of God who deserves to enjoy God's world a little more and have a little more fun!! Just research this and don't take it offensively because it is real. Love You!!!