Monday, January 10, 2011

Weather Recap

What a weekend!

As the regular readers know, I post on this blog on Mondays and Fridays. When there is the possibility of significant weather in the forecast, I post updates in between like I did this weekend. I hope you've been able to follow my thoughts during this process and know a bit more about what to expect for your area.

When it was apparent I would be working Sunday and our church services were cancelled, the children and I had "church" at home (William had already traveled north to assist his fellow employees). I told Gracie she could pick any story from the Bible and I would give a children's' sermon on it. Big mistake! Gracie picked the ten plagues as the sermon topic. Imagine giving a short talk on the importance of the ten plagues? Before we sang our songs, I asked Will what could we learn from all of those plagues. He said, "To listen to God." Short, sweet and to the point, I guess. It was fun to watch all of them listen, give their comments on the plagues, pray and to sing their children's' songs before I had to leave for WLBT.

As thought before, the snowfall came down hard across north Mississippi. I've seen some beautiful pictures of 4"+ of snow! Across central Mississippi, we had snowflakes mixed with freezing rain and sleet. We have approximately 0.10"-0.50" of ice on power lines, trees and surfaces. Therefore, many schools cancelled classes today. South of Highway 84, there was plenty of rain mixed with freezing rain and sleet. Those locations have 0.10"-0.25" of ice accumulated. Power outages are scattered across the viewing area with 1400 Entergy customers without power.

I slid back home (literally) after 1am this morning. The bridges and overpasses were horrible last night and early this morning. The glaze on the trees, mailboxes and grass has a see-through shine to it and would make some pretty pictures. With temperatures not making it out of the 30s, it will be a raw day. Jason Case in Lincoln County sent me this picture of one of his pine trees covered in ice.
Now to change subjects, I'd like to ask you to vote for my sweet friend Sarah Beth James. Sarah Beth is the reigning Miss Mississippi. She is in Las Vegas now competing for the title of Miss America. I began working with Sarah Beth on interview when she entered the local Junior Miss competition in high school. She went on to compete in Miss Mississippi and won the title on her third try. She is as genuine as they come and has a heart for the Lord. Please go to this link to see her video on her platform, or critical issue, and press the "Like" button. Your vote will go to Sarah Beth. Then you can watch her this Saturday on television as she competes for Miss America.

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