Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Do You Love Him?

There is a show on television we enjoy watching as a family that reveals the secrets of some of the most famous magicians. A masked "magician" shows how the tricksters use mirrors, slight of hand, and beautiful girls as props to pull off their most mind-boggling tricks. It's actually quite interesting.

I would venture to say we all want to be healthy, happy and prosperous. No one wants hurt or failure in our life. Unfortunately, we often want God in our life only for what He can do for us. We want a heavenly magician. I've been convicted recently of loving Him sometimes for the wrong reasons.

In Acts 8, we find the story of Simon the Sorcerer. Simon was known as the Houdini of Samaria. People came from all around just to see what Simon was going to do. He was a one man show and made good money with his magic.

One day, Jesus' disciples were preaching the Gospel and baptizing many in Samaria. Simon watched as the Holy Spirit came upon the people and he wanted that kind of power. Simon was willing to pay for it. He said to the disciples in Acts 8:19, "Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay hands may receive the Holy Spirit." But Peter saw through Simon the Sorcerer and rebuked him. Simon didn't care as to the Source of the Holy Spirit (God); he wanted the power for business reasons only. He wanted to add this power to his arsenal of tricks.

Some want God to be their life's magician. They find themselves not loving God for who He is, but for what He can do for them. If I love my husband only for the gifts he can give me, then my relationship with him is superficial and not genuine because there will be holidays, birthdays and anniversaries that pass when he may not give me the present I desire. When the presents don't come, my love for him won't diminish because I love him regardless of what he can do for me.

Have you failed in your reasons for following God? Love Him for the unexplainable, unconditional, everlasting love He has for you, not for what you want Him to do for you.

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Centron said...

Great post Barbie! I really enjoyed it. Sometimes we do just use God for things that we want and it should never be that way. We should come to him because of our love for him not what he can do for us. Thanks again and be sure to visit my page at God bless!