Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Does Adversity Come--Part 2

One of the toughest part in being a parent is....being the parent and having to discipline your child! But how sweet it is when your child realizes why you disciplined them and they crawl up in your lap to love on you anyway.

The second reason why God may allow adversity in our life is so that we will turn to Him. Nothing gets your attention any more than an expected storm in life. Some Christians start their spiritual walk on fire for the Lord, but then they begin to think they can handle life on their own. They get distracted in believing the devil's lies that they really don't have to seek God in trivial matters. Their devotion wanes and problems grow. Their problems multiply and they become tired and confused. The distance between God and the once on-fire Christian may seem like miles apart. But the reality is, God is standing by waiting to be called out to. When you do, He will answer.

Just like any loving parent, perhaps God allows adversity to come in order to draw us back to Him. He loves you and knows that if you keep going down the same road, you will experience even greater heartache and hurt. In drawing us back to Him, we become aware of His love. Then He is able to build a personal relationship with us as we crawl in His lap.


Samantha said...

So thankful for my Abba Father!!

Anonymous said...

We met yesterday morning while talking with our sweet friend. I thought several of our pastor's words reinforced what you so eloquently shared. I love knowing God will help us get to the destination he has for us, adversity, protection and all!