Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Does Adversity Come--Part 3

I ran into a cancer survivor at the gym this week who told me she received one of the Beautiful Lengths human hair wigs last year. She gushed about how it made her feel to know that she "looked" normal to everyone else although she was completely bald underneath her wig.

As of today, the WLBT Great Lengths event is one month away. If you have not signed up yet to donate 8 inches of your hair with me on February 28, there is still time. Click HERE to do so and grow, cut and share!

I'm still quietly listening to the Holy Spirit as to why God allows adversity to come our way. When David was sixteen, he was anointed king of Israel but he didn't take the thrown immediately. He had a giant to fight and even spent years hiding in caves with a group of party poopers. David spent years waiting on God to place him in the position God had given him. Why did it seem as though God was dragging His heels then? It could be that we learn our greatest lessons in the toughest times.

Even the strongest athlete must spend hours in training. The same is true for the most gifted singer, pianist and artist. But because this training takes commitment and effort, many give up before they see their goals achieved. They don't see how the difficultly and hardship are preparing them for the blessings that will eventually come their way.

During the long days when we feel hung out to dry, we must remember God could be sifting us for an even bigger opportunity down the road and for the work He wants us to do.

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